Schedule *

Swan's Island

Shanties on Shipboard

Burnt Coat Harbor
August 5–7, 2014
3:30 PM
Free for All

Must have boat, no matter how grand or humble

Evening Concerts

August 5–7, 2014

Oddfellows' Hall
7:30 PM

Tickets: $20

Reservations Suggested

225 Seats Only
We tend to sell out.

Reservation Policy
For Boats and Islanders

Basically, this is a required gift to the not-for-profit org, Sweet Chariot Music Festival.

$20/ticket/night +
$25 Reservation Fee
Per Boat or Per Family/Couple
However you be.

See further information below.


David Dodson
Denny Williams
Dean Stevens
Doug Day
Daisy Nell & Capt. Stan Collinson
Rich, Sandy and Reid Jenkins
The Backboners!
Suzy Williams
Bill Burnett
Kahlil Sabbagh
Ginger Smith
Tom Judge
Susan Groce
Eric Kilburn
Bob Lucas
Geoff Kaufman
Lisa Redfern
Annegret Baier
Jennifer Armstrong
Marcy Jean Brenner
Isla (Deborah Packard and Peter Cairney)
Moira Smiley

Cast subject to change. Different shows every night.


To inquire about reservations, send a name and phone number to sweetchariotmusicfestival@gmail.com and we will contact you within 24 hours.

For the Swan's Island Concerts:

Please make checks payable to:
Sweet Chariot Music Festival
Mail check to:
Doug Day/SCMF
156 Atlantic Road
Swan's Island, ME 04685

Yachtsmen's Reservations
Fee: $25 - Tax Deductable

Shows sell out. Use It!

* Notes

A big part of the fun is just getting there – by boat, of course! Swan's Island has State of Maine Ferry Service but it doesn't run at night! Unless you have made overnight accommodations on your own, DO NOT plan on coming and “camping somewhere”. Come on a boat and sleep on the boat! Please do not call the Swan's Island Town Office - all you need to know is here!

Sweet Chariot Music Festival does not get involved with moorings or mooring reservations! There are some moorings available from the Swan’s Island Fishermen’s Co-op. You must pay yourself! Last year it was $20/night. You are responsible for your mooring fee.

Scheduling & Ticketing / on Swan's Island

Anyone needing advanced ticket reservations for the Swan's Island shows must provide a tax-deductible gift above and beyond the price of tickets. This practice was initiated to accommodate boats from away and has now been adopted democratically across the board.

Please send a personal check made out to:
The Sweet Chariot Music Festival
156 Atlantic Road, Swan's Island, ME 04685
All gifts are tax deductible.
SCMF is a 501 c 3 not-for-profit organization.

All advanced reservations for Swan's Island Concerts must be paid through the US Postal Service. Your Tickets will be at the door waiting for you!

Who are some of the Performers from years prior?

Do also check out all the performers mentioned. It is a fine assemblage!

For any additional info contact Doug Day: douglasday1@mac.com

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