Link to Gallery 1  Gallery 1: The BIG Stage on Swan's Island
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Link to Gallery 4  Gallery 4: Sea Shantys in Burnt Cove Harbor
Link to Gallery 5  Gallery 5: Buckley Smith's Mural Art
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"Souvenir":  (Fr.) to remember . . .

The Sweet Chariot Music Festival is a "secret" gathering of musicians, singers, song writers – performers all, of the highest order – from the far reaches of America and beyond gathering in August each year on Swan's Island in the North Atlantic of coastal Maine.

Joined mostly by those whose lives are touched by the sea, attendees come together in celebratation of song, melody, harmony, theater and dance too sometimes in a location that rivals the pristine beauty of coastal "anywhere" North. One day at a time, memories are created that span the course of lives. Recently we've expanded to include performances on the mainland, at Rockland, and we take great pride in sharing this year in a concert on our nearest, sister-island, Vinalhaven!

As you visit through this site you'll find a connection space with artists and their music confirming your own "secret desire" to join us. Read on . . .

Naomi Dalglish, Moira Smiley & Malcolm Dalglish sing together
while Buckley begins a mural in the background.